“Our crown has already been bought and paid for. All we have to do is wear it”

-James Baldwin



Hi! I'm Samantha... aka the Queen of Vacations.  Okay, so no one actually calls me a Queen in real life.  But take a glimpse into my life and you will see that it's kind go amazing!

I was born and bred in the state of North Carolina in the good'ole US of A.   I spent most of my childhood in the backseat of my Mother's Mazda 323.  If I am the Queen of Vacations, then my mother is the Queen of Roadtrips.  These roadtrips with my mother planted a seed of wanderlust very early on.


I proudly received my first passport stamp at 13 years old on a school trip to Paris.  Between then and now, I've been to 26 countries and racked up an estimated 100 passport stamps.  I know, that math does not add up... but I'll explain.

I moonlight as a travel writer, but I'm shoe designer by trade.  Becoming a shoe designer has given me the opportunity to circumvent the globe fifty-leven times. I usually take five or six international business trips each year.  I've traveled to and from China at least 60 times (which accounts for the majority of my passport stamps)! I like to refer to these business trips as these "working vacations."  Before, during or after each business trip I squeeze in a little adventure.

After 60+ trips to China... I decided to take a leap of faith and move to Dongguan, China. I lived in China for almost two years.  I highly recommend living and working abroad.  This was one of the best experiences of my life.


When I'm not in the office designing shoes, or on a "working vacation" I'm on an actual vacation.  I use up EVERY single vacation day, personal day and holiday each year to make this happen.  I'm started this blog to share with you the why's and how's of living your life like it's a vacation!