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I'm addicted: A Travel Addicts Confession

So I've never done hard drugs, I know when to call it quits with drinking, and I don't really care for weed.... so you can probably guess the one thing that I'm addicted to. No, not shopping, although it's a close second. TRAVEL! I'm 100% addicted to travel. I've even uprooted myself and moved clear across the globe, because well... why the hell not! I've been to twenty countries so far, and I probably won't be satisfied until I've been to twenty more.

I can't seem to stay in one major area for more than a few weeks at a time. Either I'm driving somewhere, taking a bus, a train, or hopping a plane to someplace new. I used to be afraid of going to new places, especially going there alone. I would be gripped by anxiety the entire trip. I still feel some of this anxiety, because... well, a healthy dose of fear is necessary. Being cautious is always smart; especially as a solo female traveler. But I have not let the fear hinder my decisions. I embrace the fear. Each time I go somewhere new, afterwards I have a new sense of strength and pride. That "We Can Do It" poster should be hanging on my bedroom wall (the Michelle Obama version, of course).

I often get asked how I manage to travel so much. The answer is simple, you have to make sacrifices. Financial sacrifices.... I've been driving the same car since 2005. The money that would go towards a shiny new car can buy a heck of a lotta plane tickets. Also, I use my cell phone until it craps out... so if the new iphone comes out, I probably haven't got a clue. There's are just a few examples of how I save money to be able to afford to travel.

So Here are some telltale signs that you are a...

Travel Addict

1. Your web browser homepage is Expedia: Or some other travel website. I'm living in Asia now so my travel website of choice is ctrip.

2. Unpacked Luggage: You always have at least one back packed for your next trip... or a bag that has yet to be unpacked from your previous trip.

3. You know which seat you like on the plane: On Cathay Pacific 747 from JFK to Hong Kong, my seat preference is 33K. Yes, I ACTUALLY request this seat every time that I check in.

4. Tattered Passport: Does your passport resemble the mini New Testament Bible that your grandmother always carried in her purse???

5. The flight attendants know you by name: Well, some of them only know my name because I'm an executive platinum frequent flyer... which means that they are required to greet you so that you have a false sense of hoity toity-ness. But I swear, I am on a first name basis with several Cathay employees.

6. You must be unemployed?: My friends, my family, hell... even my boss thinks that I don't come to work anymore. For the record, I do work.... sometimes.

Do you have any other ways to distinguish a true travel addict... I'd love to hear your comments!


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