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Hangry in Bali... Feed Me and Nobody Gets Hurt!!!

So it's always interesting travelling with a new group of people. I love solo travel, but I can't deny that I enjoy travelling so much better when I have company. This past weekend I had the pleasure of travelling with three fellow designers to a lovely little island called Bali.

This was my second trip to bali.... and I'm already mentally planning my third and fourth trip. There's just so much life and vitality in this small little island. There are so many temples to visit, and activities to engage in.

On our first day exploring Bali, we spent the entire morning on the beach. We were having so much fun, that we forgot to eat. Our driver picked us up at 2pm and I made the specific request that we eat "As soon as possible." This apparently goes in one ear and out the other. About an hour later, after I've chewed off 3 fingers, and my fellow travellers have started looking like hot dogs.... we still haven't arrived at a restaurant. Mind you, we've passed at least 17 restaurants along the way.

Traditional Balinese Food

If you've ever seen a rabid dog trying to get at a piece of raw meat... this is basically how I looked in the back seat of our car. I'm pretty sure my eyes were red and roaming around my head. About 5 hours later, and 115x of me asking "are we there yet???" We finally arrived at a traditional Balinese restaurant. I would love to say that the food was worth the wait... But at least no one was killed. The running joke for the remainder of the trip was to have snacks on deck at all times.... otherwise someone might get hurt!

But enough about that, how about some photos of the good stuff!!!

Balinese Family Homes

On a morning stroll through our Ubud neighborhood.... we stumbled across a beautiful entryway to a family home. In Bali each family compound has it's own temple. As a result, there are thousands of temples in Bali....