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Vital Tips On Applying For Visas

So I have learned the hard way about applying for Visa's when you're travelling.... Here's a little story to help you avoid the same mistakes!

Let's start this story at the beginning... I hop in the car and ride for 2hrs from my home to the Guanzhou airport. I casually stroll over to the ticket counter to check in... the line is HELLA long y'all. After spying a shorter line to my left, I ask the airport attendant if I can join said line. Yo, it's not even a line, there's like TWO people. Request DENIED! Because that line is only for travellers on their way to Ho Chi Mihn. I'm flying through Hanoi you see, so NOPE, I can't use the Ho Chi Mihn line.

But eventually the airline attendant sees how inefficient this is strategy is and lets me check in at the other counter. Check in goes a little something like this....

"Passport please, and what city are you going to?" -Flight Attendant

"I'm going to Hanoi"- Me

"Okay, where is your visa?" -Flight Attendant

"UMMMMMMM, What Visa??? It says online that I can get a Visa On Arrival" - Me

"Yes, but you need an Invitation letter from Vietnamese government, BEFORE you are allowed to fly" - Flight Attendant

"But, the US website says nothing about this 'so called letter', it just says that you can get VISA.... ON.... ARRIVAL, after you've ARRIVED." -Me

"I'm sorry miss, you can't fly today. You need to come back tomorrow" -Flight Attendant

Cue Panic attack!!!!!

At this point, my heart starts racing. I'm going to have to drive 2hrs home and do this all over again tomorrow???? I begin to think about the hotels and tours that I've prepaid for.... I'm freaking out at the thought of buying a brand new plane ticket that I will have to PAY OUT THE ASS FOR BECAUSE IT'S CHINESE NEW YEAR (aka the most expensive time to buy a last minute ticket in China).

So as I back away from ticket counter to go drown myself in $1000 worth of tears, which is the price of a new ticket out of China....