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Down Under: The beaches of Western Australia

December 20, 2016

If you love Nature.... Specifically if you love the beach, then you need to go to Australia.  


Australia is like that overgrown backyard that you couldn't wait to explore as a child.   And the beach is an oversized sandbox with nature's nature park attached.  You can surf, kitesurf, bodyboard, snorkel and scuba dive...  or just splash around because you had a sprained knee.... like me!



My favorite beach was Injidup Beach...  the rock pools to be more exact.  The water comes crashing over huge boulders and gets trapped in these natural swimming pools.  



The water is clear as day, and the surroundings are breathtaking.  These rocks my look small in the photographs, but believe me.... they are massive.


Another one of my favorite beaches is located in Dunsborough.  I stayed one night in the YHA (hostel)...  and the beach is located directly behind the hostel.  I wouldn't stayed one more night in this hostel just to hang out at this beach.  The water was super calm and crystal clear.  It's also very shallow, you can walk out for 200 meter and you'll only be waist deep. 


Here's hoping that you'll be able to make your way down for a chance to play in nature's playground!







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