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Down Under: Australian Wildlife

I originally planned my trip to Australia to lay on the Beaches of Melbourne, and kiteboard up and down the coast of Perth. Both of these plans fell flat.... literally when I fell flat on my face the day before my flight. The entire front of my body made hard and fast contact with the concrete floor at full force.... resulting in a knee sprain. FML right??? To top that, Melbourne was freezing. So no Melbourne beaches and no kitesurfing in Perth. My trip was basically ruined, right? Wrong.... despite the cold and the injuries... my trip was amazing!

One of the most amazing parts of my trip were my close encounters with Australia's diverse wildlife. The whole country is an open air zoo. Kangaroos hop along the highways, sheep cover the rolling hills, and dolphins chase your boats just for the fun of it.

So Which Animals did I personally encounter in Australia???


My favorite has to be the Kangaroo. If you're from North America... Kangaroo's to Australia are like Deer to North America.... they are everywhere. (although they are most easily spotted at dawn or dusk, or they hop in front of your car at night). These animals are cute, but they males can f*ck you up. Have you ever seen two kangaroo's box??? I have... I wants no parts of that.


Everyone likes Dolphins, it's hard not too. (if you don't, you probably like torturing small animals). These guys were riding the waves created by the engines of our boat. They were really putting on a show for us.

Other animals...

You can also check out the Koala's, Sea Lions, Seals, Ducks, Penguins.... and a super annoying over abundace of seagulls. The best part is that you don't have to go