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Down Under: Lancelin, Western Australia

There are many amazing places to see in Australia. If you are in Western Australia, I highly recommend making a trip to Lancelin.

So what's in Lancelin you ask....

The Pinnacles

So the Pinnacles are these rock formations from a bazillion years ago. They are mineral deposits that formed around the roots of ancient trees. These forests have disappeared and the land has eroded to showcase these natural marvels. They are pretty awesome. We roamed around for about an hour to find the rock that looked most like a penis... mature, I know. A previous visitor was even clever enough to move two small boulders to the bottom of this pinnacle.

Make love to Mother Nature....

The Sand Dunes

So this was by far my favorite part of my time spent in WA. Shout out to Travel Western Australia for an awesome tour.

As you drive through the desert, passing tumble weeds, bushes, grasses, burnt wasteland... out of nowhere appears these massive sand dunes. They are lily white making you feel as if you've stumbled into a mirage. So what you do when something magical like this appears.... go into to full kid mode and PLAY.

Thankfully sandboarding doesn't take much skill... although I did eat it few times. So I ended up looking like this....