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Mexico... Tequila, Tanlines and Tacos!

Although Mexico is on a hop skip and a jump (over a wall) from the United States, it took my over 30 years before I ever made a trip there. As always, we ignore our own backyard because the grass always seems greener over there. In my mind, Thailand, Bali, and the Caribbean MUST have better beaches than lil 'ole Mexico. Boy, was I WRONG!?!? When I walked out onto Tulum Beach for the first time... it was like delayed gratification. I had been putting off going to Mexico for other trips around the world, but Mexico was well worth the wait. We started our trip in Cancun with lots of tequila and trouble... but this blog post is all about Tulum! Tulum is Cancun's Bohemian Little Cousin. It's the perfect place to get away from it all. There are a few upscale establishments but overal its very laid back and rustic.

Here's a little HOW TO guide for making the most of your time in Tulum.

Where to Stay:

You MUST stay in a Hotel that's on the Beach. If you want to save money, maybe split your time between a hotel/hostel that is further "in town." But splurge on a beachfront room for at least a night or two.

View from Dining Room

*Photos from hotel website

We stayed in a beautiful resort called Rosa Del Viento. It's down near the end of the hotel strip, but it was a little cheaper and nicer than the hotels closer to the center (where all of the restaurants are). The best part about being on the end of the strip is that you can walk the beach and not see another soul... it's like having your own private island. And they have the best breakfast that I've ever eaten in a hotel. Also, the dining room looks out onto the beach so you can eat your pancakes while enjoying the phenomenal view.

What to Bring:

I don't need to tell you about the basics... bring a swimming suit, sunscreen, yada yada blah blah blah... but what I will tell you is that you ABSOLUTELY need a flashlight! A flashlight that doubles as a small lantern is an even better idea. The main strip in Tulum does not have streetlights. The road barely fits two cars, and the taxi fly up and down at unreasonable speeds. So in order to see where you are going, and so that the taxi's will see you (BEFORE they run you over) bring your flashlight.

No street lights= no light Pollution which means stars and more stars!