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What's In My Suitcase?

My Ospry

My Osprey Hiking Pack, covered in flags from each country that I've traveled to... I'm still missing a few patches though.

small packable bags

This post is to share with you what I pack on all my vacations... but also HOW I pack. My number one, most important packing strategy is to separate like items into individual gallon-ish size mesh bags.

I hate searching around my suitcase or backpack for my crap. So I have all of my items packed according to type, makes it super easy to find what i'm looking for. Each bag is slightly transparent so that I can immediately tell what's inside. If you are like me, and you fully disembowel your luggage the minute you touch down in your hotel.... this trick makes it super easy unpack, and repack without your my mind.

And for all of you wondering what exactly goes in these bags.... Here's my packing list!

Makeup Bag- This is the most important bag in my luggage... and usually gets thrown in my carryon... because there's nothing worse than pulling your makeup bag from your suitcase and everything is shattered in a million powdery pieces.

I usually pack a small mirror, M.A.C. Mineralize foundation powder, Dior Iconic waterproof mascara, Nyx Waterproof liquid liner, Mac Mineral highlighting powder. I usually carry a ton of other crap but these four items are my staples. They are sweat proof, water resistant and help to keep me glowy and confident all day.

Underwear Bag- Bras, sports bras, socks, granny pannies... you get the idea. And my sleeping mask.

Toiletry Bag- I still use Mary kay's original face wash that was developed before I was even born. My skin loves it! I've recently discovered Biologiques "1970 Lotion" which I use as a toner... it's changed my life. I also use a mandelic acid serum to keep my skin glowing. And I always pack a moisturizer and sunscreen.

Medicine Bag- I always carry Imodium, but never generic... ALWAYS name brand. I also pack motion sickness meds, Multi-vitamins, Pain Meds, Monistat (because impossible to find abroad.... better safe than sorry) and my Diva Cup. The last two might be T.M.I. but I literally wouldn't be caught dead travelling without them. I also carry a round of Antibiotics that I usually purchase abroad; because they are way cheaper and you won't need a prescription.

Plastic ziplock for oils- Oils and lotions can create a disaster area inside of your suitcase. So I separate them from everything else and usually double bag them. I always carry Citronella oil for Mosquitos, Lavender oil for Relaxation, vitamin E oil for dry skin and Bach's Rescue Remedy for Stress.

Electronics Bag- I keep all of my cords, earphones, charging bricks, adapters portable batteries in one place.

Towel Bag- I always pack a microfiber towel because I'm always going to the beach but I don't have room to pack a beach towel. I also pack a washcloth because apparently no one has heard of them outside of the US.