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Is Social Media Ruining your Vacay?

So I'm about to go on vacation next week... because in case you haven't read the title of this blog... that's what I DO. But I've been freaking out for weeks leading up to this trip.


Because of Social Media!

As a seasoned travelling, the thrill of going to a new place starts to diminish. If you've seen one waterfall, you've seen them all.... or the waterfall that you are standing in front of doesn't seem to be quite as beautiful as that amazing waterfall in Bali last year. It sounds utterly ridiculous, but HEY... it happens!

But there's another pitfall that I see many travellers (or maybe it's just me) falling into.... that same waterfall may be the most exquisitely breath taking site of your life. BUT your camera malfunctioned! And holy fook, now you can't get a good photo... and if there's no photo to post on instagram... well, then the entire trip was for naught. Like, you might as well just go back to the hotel and get on the next flight out because the vacation is a complete fail. I'm exaggerating of course, but if you are a social media addict... you know what I mean.

I'm going to India next week. The one thought that has been dominating my brain is that "I MUST HAVE to get the BEST photo in front of the Taj Mahal." I've been obsessing over whether or not the buy a new camera? Whether or not to buy a new lense. And worrying whether or not this lense will make my photos POP on the gram. I even called my best friend's husband and talked his ear off for an hour about camera gear (he's a photographer so the conversation was actually slightly enjoyable from his perspective.)

But then I had to stop myself... because I was focused entirely on the wrong things. Being so wrapped up in how this photos will appear almost eclipsed the fact that I'm going to see the TAJ FREAKING MAJAL Y'ALL!!!

I don't care if I never take or post a single photo. That fact that I'm going should be ENOUGH; and the fact that I'm blessed enough to bring my mom along for the ride. Because, let's face it, these photos are not going to be hung in the Guggenheim. I may leave India with a bomb photo that and it gets fifty trillion likes... or a blurry under/over exposed photo (because my mother is not a very WILLING photographer). What really matters will be the moment standing with the most amazing person in my life soaking up one of the most amazing monuments in the world.

So I've stopped freaking out about making this one count for the gram... and I'm focused on just making it count for my own internal memory book....

Now trying to keep my mom from spending the entire vacation scrolling on facebook... where, therein lies the real challenge!

Thanks for Reading and Happy Travels!