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Travel Tips: How I find flight deals

As someone who spends about 200 hours every year flying the skies, I've figured out a few tips and tricks to finding flight deals. IAnd 'd like to share them with you guys!

1. Use a flight tracker website to scan prices:

My favorite websites for finding flight deals are:


This website allows you to search for flight deals in specific regions. They have great deals on holiday travel and error fares. They also have information on round the world tickets. These are tickets that allow you to travel to 5+ countries, usually for less than $1000.


I love google flights because they let you search for flights without knowing your destination. You input your departure airport and the dates of travel; a google map will then show you the prices for all the destintions leaving from your designated airport. You can also save itineraries and come back to check the prices later.


Momondo is just awesome period. If you want to find a good deal, start here.


If you are travelling in Asia, definitely use this site. They have flights that you won't find on a site like Expedia.

2. Use a booking site that is local to the region where you are flying:

When you are not travelling domestically in the USA, do not use a US based travel site to book flights. Find out the names of the airlines that are local to the area that you are flying and book directly through them. For Example, a flight from NYC to Hong Kong will be priced at $1000-2000 on Americanairlines.com... but if you book directly with the carrier like Dragon Air or Cathay Pacific.... you can get the same flight for $500-800.

When you log onto the website, check the top right corner and make sure to change your location from USA to wherever you are travelling. You can go even further and use a VPN. Within the VPN set your "home country" to wherever you are travelling... and this will guarantee that you can get the "local" price, which is usually much cheaper.

3. Never buy a flight on a Friday or Saturday:

When you are searching for a flight, try to search during the week. When you buy a ticket over the weekend, there is an algorithm that makes the flight slightly more expensive. You could save anywhere from $20-100 by buying your ticket on a Monday rather than a Saturday.

4. Try to avoid flying on the weekends:

Tickets for flights on Friday, Saturday or Sunday are the most expensive tickets available. Flying any day besides the weekend can save you a lot of money. Tuesday is the cheapest day to fly.