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Why I've Been M.I.A.

Puka Shell Beach, Boracay, Philippines

So I decided to start this travel blog on a whim. I was moving abroad and I thought that it would be super cool to share all of my travel adventures with my friends and family back home.

I've been blessed to live in China for the past year and a half and travel to over 13 countries in the meantime. Documenting all of those travels was fun... for a while. Then travelling got REALLY fun... like exhaustingly, no sleep for a week, party all night, scuba/hike/swim all day... FUN. What a I realized while I was having all this FUN was that recording it was becoming not so fun.

Recording "the moment" takes you out of "the moment." Often when something funny or epic would happen... I'd think, "Ah shoot, I wish I had that on video or taken a photo." Like the time that my coworker and I were standing on doc of Victoria Harbour in Hong Kong... There was a pillar at the doc that was just PERFECT for taking photos; except that there was a gentleman sitting there chowing down on a chicken feet in a bag (This is not fried chicken that he bought from KFC that was in a paper bag... No, this was a vacuum sealed bag with juicy boiled and seasoned chicken feet inside... It's a thing in China... It looks as awful as it sounds). We waited a good fifteen minutes for this man to finish his chicken feet and move out of our perfectly instagrammable spot. As soon as he left, my coworker jumped up on the pedestal and.... WHOOOOOSH! A huge wave from a passing ferry soaked her from the waste down! It was winter. I was laughing hysterically. She was freezing. It was the perfect viral moment... that was NOT caught on tape.

Moments like these happen all the time. And no matter how hard I try to "catch" them... I never seem to. So I've given up. I've given up on catching that hilarious conversation that leaves the whole crew in stitches. I've given up on catching the rare footage of a lion in a bush on a safari... because it just ends up looking like a fuzzy beige blog on my iphone. Instead I've given into just being "in the moment." Sure I still take photos and videos... but most photos just end up in the archives of my phone for the sake of reliving the moment while in my pajamas on a cold winter's day in NYC. These momentos unfortunately are not suitable for public consumption (the photo is fuzzy or the video is shaky... or I'm doing some embarrassing drunken dance).

So I apologize to you, my audience for not updating this blog as much as I'd like. I apologize for not snapping a photo of that amazing meal and not sending you restaurant recommendations for each city I travel to... but honestly... I'm much more interesting in shoving the food in my mouth than popping it up on my instagram feed. As this blog grows, I will try to do better... but in the meantime... I hope you won't hold it against me!

Thanks for Reading!