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Travel Guide: It's Colombia not Columbia!

When I embarked on my mind blowing trip to Colombia... I couldn't hide my excitement nor my complete ignorance of the country. I was telling everyone on my Instagram page that I was going to COLUMBIA for Christ's sake.... yes, Columbia... like the university. And you don't even want to hear how I was pronouncing Medellín, and Cartagena. I sounded like a true American indeed. Thankfully no Colombians held it against me!

It seems that Colombia is trending now. I serendipitously met up with three friends while I was there. And I saw even more travel bloggers were arriving as I was departing. I'm mentioning to let you know... that you need to go now! Go before the streets are overrun with tourists. Go while you can still enjoy it like a local. And here is what you should do when you get there!

The perfect Itinerary goes a little something like this:

Day 1:

Rip through RioNegro

When you arrive in Medellín, spend at least one day in Rionegro. Most of the tourist activities are located in this neighborhood. In the morning, visit the main square to see Catedral de San Nicolas. In the afternoon take an ATV tour through the rolling hills. And if you want even better views at a slower pace, take a horseback riding tour.

If you need help finding the perfect tour contact Luis Perez via Whatsapp at +57.314.703.1496. Please allow at least a few days for him to reserve your tours and arrange transportation. (Also note that taxis in Cartagena are very small, so if you a have 4+ ppl you may want to book two cars for your transfer)

Day 2:

Cruise Guatapé and Climb El Peñol

Views from the Old Guatapé

From RioNegro head to Guatapé. This old town if full of vibrant colors and gorgeous façades. This place something out of an Instagram dream!