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Travel Guide: 48hrs in Hong Kong

Hong Kong is one of my favorite cities. If you only have two days to spend in Hong Kong, I suggest going on a Friday and Saturday. And here is what I suggest that you do while there....

Day 1

8am Visit the Buddha

Wake up at 8am and make your way to see Tian Tan Buddha aka Big Buddha. If you are taking the Gondola up to the statue, I suggest that you book your tickets in advance. You will need to print that out and bring them with you. It's very easy to find tickets online. These tickets will ensure that you don't suffer 3-5 excruciating hours waiting in line.

Make sure that when you are atop the mountain that you check out the Po Lin Monastery. There are 10,000 golden buddhas inside!

1pm Lunch on the Beach

Take the Metro back to HK island. You'll need to grab lunch before heading out the beach. I usually get a few sandwiches from Wellcome Grocery store or Pret-a-Manger. Then hop a taxi to Shek-O Beach. Shek-O is one of the most popular beaches in HK.

If you want something a little more secluded try Deep Water Bay Beach.

And if you fancy a more upscale experience, head to Repulse Bay. Grab lunch at one of the restaurants on the boardwalk. And if you love the beach scenery but don't love the sand, you can reserve your own private pool at Cabana overlooking the beach.

7pm Fill your Belly with Bao's

Once you've washed all the sand away and had a chance to catch your breath in your hotel, head to dinner in Sheung Wan. My favorite restaurant in all of HK is Little Bao's. Prepare for your tastebuds to explode and your belt to expand. Also prepare for a wait, it usually takes around an hour to get a table. I usually head across the street to the PMQ to do a little shopping. The restaurant will text you when your spot is available. Also the restaurant it small, not ideal for a large group.

10pm Hit the Roof

Once your belly is full, head to Ce La Vie in Lan Kwai Fong on D'Aguilar street. The restaurant is in a Ho Lee highrise building in the center of LKF. The drinks are expensive and the music is usually horrible... so just head to the roof, snap your photos for the gram and leave!

10:15pm Hit the Streets

Friday night is prime time for bar hopping. The best bars in HK are sometimes hard to find. You might have to ask a few locals for directions if you can't find the specific alleyway where these bars are hiding. My favorite bar on a Friday night is The Iron Fairies. They have an amazing band from South Africa and the decor is very instagrammable.

I also love Brickouse Mexican Restaurant and Honi Honi Tiki Bar. The vibe at both are chill, the music is good and the drinks are delish.

It's tempting to stay out all night, but resist the urge... because tomorrow is a full day... and you'll need your beauty rest.

Day 2

10am Pour it up

I'm pretty sure that you won't head my warning to go to sleep early, so you'll probably need some Panadol (aka Tylenol) and a big cup of jo. Head to my favorite cafe The Cupping Room for an amazing cup of coffee and an Australian breakfast.

10am Sip and Shop

Head to the IFC to get your shopping on. My favorite store in this building is Lane Crawford. I love their shoe department... especially because they give you free champagne while you shop. There's nothing like a little hair of the dog to get the day going.

1pm Give Me Sum

Get your Dim Sum on at Cuisine Cuisine (which is also in the IFC building). Make sure to make reservations!

4pm Take a Hike

Grab a bottle of wine from the Grocer in IFC then head outside and hale a taxi to Victoria Peak Galleria. Don't waste your time shopping in the Galleria or going to the observation deck. Instead, there is a lovely trail on Lugard and Harlech road that wraps around the entire mountain peak. It takes about 30-40 minutes to walk this trail, but it's relatively flat. You can enter the trail behind the Peak Lookout Cafe . The hike is easy and the views are the best on the island. There are several lookout points along the trail where you can take a rest and a few sips of wine*. I suggest catching the sunset at the peak.

(Bonus tip: Where Lugard crosses Harlech take the steps to the right. This trail will take you straight up to Victoria Peak Gardens. It's not an easy climb, but it's worth it. Once you get to the top, pop that cork, sit back and enjoy!)

*Hong Kong is open carry so you can drink on the street

8pm Get your Grub on

Head back down to Central for a nice dinner at Ho Lee Fook. The food is Fooking delicious! Also, make sure to make reservations a few days prior.

10pm Nap Time

Just in case you didn't catch any zzz's at your picnic in the park, head back to your hotel to rest and regroup. Or if you are like me, spend an hour beating your face.

12am Shhhh don't tell nobody

The best places are always the hardest to find. Hong Kong has some pretty amazing hidden bars. Make a reservation at J. Boroski. The location is a secret until you make a reservation. I also love Employees Only. The vibe is chill, it's the perfect place to get the night started.

1am Let loose

Okay, so you only have a few more hours in HK... now it's time to go balls to the wall! Here's a list of my favorite places to party in HK.

Chocolate- If you want two for one drinks that aren't watered down, head here. Its a dive bar but the music is usually pretty on point

All of LKF Road- any bar on this small little street will be lit. I don't stick to stay in any of them for longer than 20 minutes... I just follow the sound of the music. You'll find me wherever they are playing Drake.

Petticoat lane- If you are searching for a Gay bar... this is one of the newest and freshest bars in LKF. Also, if you keep going down the walkway behind the bar... you'll get to another bar that's super chic and cosy.

3:00am No Sleep

Yes, I fully intend for you to stay up all night. It's just what you do in HK. The last and final stop on any HK bar hop should be Marlin Bar located at the corner of Lan Kwai Fong Rd and D'Aguilar blvd. There's sure to be a dance party in the street. And if there isn't, start one! I promise that a crowd will form in less than 5 minutes. Expect epic dance offs, and watch out or a stray foot to the face (this happened to me once when one dancer took his handstands a little to far).

4:00am Drop it like it's hot

If you haven't passed out from exhaustion yet, or from too much tequila... head over to Drop. This tucked away disco stays open until sunrise. But they mostly play European techno music.

6:00am Sunrise

You'll need something to soak up all the tequila shots that you inevitably have taken somewhere around "One more won't hurt" o'clock. Might I suggest heading over to The Flying Pan. It's open 24/7 and will give that sense of being in a Waffle House in college being served soggy waffles.


Disclaimer: this Itinerary is not for the faint of heart. I would honestly suggest breaking this up over 3 days.

Thanks for Reading!



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