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Viva La Lengua

I have always said that I wanted to learn Spanish, but for some reason I never seemed to get around to it. And I haven't been to many Spanish speaking countries because quite frankly... my Spanish is horrible! If I didn't have Google translate, I'd be hopeless!!! But I'm hoping to change that soon!

Recently I met Dr. Aisha Z. Cort. She told me that she could turn my abysmal spanglish into full on conversational Spanish. She has spent the past 10 years working with Spanish language learners of all levels and has perfected her system of taking people like me from little to no Spanish to conversationally fluent in 4 weeks.

If you want to know more about her program, Dr.Cort is sharing EXACTLY how she did it in this #VIVALALENGUAMasterclass happening Friday, 12/14 at 8:00pm EST.

Now, the kicker for me was when she told me the system she used to achieve this could have me speaking clearly in only a few weeks. The thing is: Learning to speak Spanish doesn’t take months to years. Apparently to start conversing, you only need to study for 4 weeks!

In her #VIVALALENGUAMasterclass Dr. Cort will cover "How to go from basic to conversationally fluent in Spanish." She’ll break down exactly how she has other non-Spanish speakers reach their language goals over the years.

And for everyone who joins the live Masterclass, she’s giving you her #LANGUAGEMINDSET Masterplan as a free gift.

Go here and register now. If you’re trying to improve your Spanish and your travel and job opportunities, you don’t want to miss this. (And of course, share it with your friends who are interested in growing their language skills).

Happy Learning!



P.S. Here’s link again to register now. https://bit.ly/2B3JGIt

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