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I Must've Been Trippin': Pt. 2

The Drama: 

 This is me feeling super confident the day before my drive to the Grand Canyon

My road trip through California, Utah and Arizona got off on the wrong foot... literally.  Two weeks prior to the drive, while twerking in Oakland... I rolled my ankle.... badly!  I could walk on it, but just barely.  An ordinary person would have canceled their trip and gone home.  But I am anything but ordinary!  I was going to the Grand Canyon, and I didn't care if I had to use crutches to do so.

Then a week prior to my road trip departure date,  I got a nasty, nasty head cold.  One more reason to go back home... right?  Wrong!  I was still not deterred.  It was Grand Canyon or bust.... even if I would have to hike it on one foot while high on Robitussin.

I rested my ankle, beat my cold, and managed to make it to my first destination without incident.  My first stop was Yucca Valley where I did a whole lot of NOTHING for a week.  If you ever visit this area, you will see why.  I drew, I read, I napped...  and it seemed like all of my bad luck was behind me.

After a nice dose of false confidence, I got back on the road and made my way towards the second stop.  

I probably should have done some research about driving in the desert...  or at least rented a car with four wheel drive.  Then maybe I would not have wound up like this....

Also, maybe, just maybe.... I would've known what a SOFT SHOULDER was.  I also would've known NOT to make a U-turn on it.

It took fifteen minutes of crying, fifteen minutes waving down passing cars, two minutes of digging my tire out of the sand with my bare hands, and two construction workers to get me out of that mess.

For the next three days my car sounded like there was an angry teacher scraping her nails on the chalkboard every time I made a turn.  I drove around Utah for 3 days with the windows rolled up and the music blasting so that I wouldn't have to listen the screeching.

Eventually, I figured should try fix the screeching.  Turns our I had a rock in my rotor.  The guys at Jiffy Lube removed the debris and sent me on my merry way.  

Problem solved!  At this point, I thought... what else could go wrong?  

Why did I even ask???

 Literally in the middle of nowhere, Utah

See what had happened was...  I was cruising down Highway 89A,  doing 65mph when my phone slipped down into the crevice between the seat and the console.  I dropped my head down to see where it went, and when I looked up, there was a car, smack dab in front of me doing 30mph.  I slammed on brakes, but unfortunately so did he.  I swerved off of the highway, and almost flipped my car.  As I bounced my rental back onto the road, I bottomed out and cracked the coolant tank.

I was pretty shaken up as I stepped out of the car.  The poor guy that caused the accident was French.  He seemed completely unaware of how dangerous it is to go 30 miles under the speed limit...  on a two lane road with no shoulder!  I was mad at myself for looking down but I was FURIOUS with this little French man that obvioulsy had not clue how to drive.

Tears streamed down my face.  I trembled as I SCREAMED at him in French.  "POURQUOI ARRETEZ-VOUS...  POURQUOI.  MERDE!"  He looked shocked and terrified.  As I thought in my head...   Yeah Frenchie, just because you do not speak any English doesn't mean that I don't speak French.

After my tirade, I collapsed to the side of the road.  I was furious but also thankful to be alive.  I was also grateful that I was not wedged in between my headrest and an inflated airbag.  My car was totaled, but I would be fine.  I even had the forethought to purchase insurance on my rental car (something that I rarely ever do).  So my body was fine, my wallet was fine but my day was ruined!   I was a good 50 miles from the nearest town... there's was nothing around us but open road and cow pastures.  I couldn't even spot a house.  And what's even better, the closest car rental place was 3hrs away.

It took a total of about 3hours for the police to arrive and the tow truck to take my back into town.  And then another 4hours to drive back to Vegas to get a new rental.  And then 3hrs to drive back to where I started... so that I could wake up the next day to drive another 3hrs to Finally make it to the Grand Canyon.

Was it worth it???


Would I ever go it again???  


Thanks for Reading



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