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Answering the Million Dollar Question: How do you afford to travel so much?

Hello, it’s me again... I want to answer the one question that I get the most in my DM’s “How do you afford to travel so much” That question always feels invasive and nosy to me. But I know that you are only asking because you want to figure out some model that you can copy... some formula... so that you can travel too! So here’s the answer....

1. Look for Deals

There are some great websites for finding really great deals on hotels, rental cars and flights. Here are a few of my favorite websites:

Momondo.com- great website for finding flight deals on smaller airlines

Mytrip.com- the best search engine for western Asia Flights

Trip.com- great if you are looking for flights in South East Asia

Secretflying.com- the best website for last minute flight deals and error fares

Booking.com- best for booking hotels

Tripadvisor.com- best website for finding tours

DeltaAirbnb.com- best website for finding cheap accommodations, and you'll get delta miles

2. Save, Save, Save...

My first year in corporate America I made 40k/year and save 20k. How? I lived at home, drove a beater and didn’t buy tons of crap. I are $5 sandwiches from the deli, 1/2 for lunch and the other 1/2 for dinner.

One thing that I wish that I had done... but didn't is to save my pay increases. Over the years I received several large pay increases. The smart thing to do would've been to treat that extra income like it never existed and save it. 3. Invest...

That 20k that I saved 10 years ago is now worth 100k. It’s taken a lot of patience to let it sit there and not spend it. But would you rather spend $1,000 now or $10,000 later. I’ll take the $10,000 and keep eating these ramen noodles thanks. I personally have a broker that invests my money in the stock market for me. But now a days you can totally do it yourself. Invest in ETF and mutual funds. These type of funds follow the market and basically manage themselves. I would suggest looking into Charles Schwab and Fidelity for more detailed information.

I also invested in real estate. This will ensure that I’m never truly homeless and that in 15 years I will have steady income from rent rolls, even if I don’t have a job. Duplexes are the best type of real estate to buy. One house... two rents 4. Get some credit....

I buy everything with my points credit card. If you spend 20k on living expenses in one year. You’ll get around $500 in credit card points. That sounds like a free flight to me. (Not to mention that card like American Express will give you free travel insurance which can save you hundreds if not thousands)

5. Get a real job...

Being an influencer seems like a dream, but most influencers that I know still have a day job. It take years to build up a following and paying clients. In the meantime, you'll need real income. So get a job, and find a niche profession. Mine is footwear design. Have you ever met a shoe designer? Probably not... because there aren’t very many of us. This puts us in high demand and we can command high salaries if we are good at what we do.

When you are looking for a career find something that is need based (everyone needs shoes) and