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My Top 10 Favorite Instagram Apps

I usually get the same question over and over in my DM's.... "How'd you edit that? What app did you use???" And over the past year I've found some pretty awesome apps to help me create dope instagram posts and stories.

Here are my top faves!


This app is great for making templates. If I need cool graphics and fonts, this is my go to.


This app is like pic stitch but better. You can make cool collages of videos and photos. Their frames even include cool borders such as polaroid pics and ripped paper edges.


Ever wonder how people seem to have the perfected curated feed? It comes from proper planning. Imagine if you could move the photos around on your instagram feed. This is what Preview Grid does. The interface looks just like your instagram feed, but you can tap on the photos to rearrange them until you get the order just right. You can then post directly from the app into your instagram feed (so the photo doesn't get lost in the abyss of your photoreel on your phone)


If you want a professional looking instastory, you need this app. It will look like you paid someone to create your content. Just trust me, you need it! Everytime I post an instagram story using this app, someone ALWAYS, and I mean AL-WAYS asks me which app I've used.


Before Instagram would allow you to split up a 1min video into the 15 sec videos in stories, this app would do it for you. It was a lifesaver. I still use this to chop up videos that are longer than 1 minute. I also us it to make stop motion videos and add music.


This app does exactly what the name says, it crops your videos. You can rotate and resize any video.


I use this app to put together a cute little mini movie from multiple videos in my phone. It's the easiest video editing app that I've found. It doesn't have a lot of bells and whistles but it gets the job done, especially for a beginner.


This app is the dumbed down version of Splice. This video editing app allows your to throw together a quick video that looks like you actually put some time into (when you really didn't).