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September 25, 2019

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August 26, 2019

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Curiocity: The best Hostel in South Africa

May 16, 2019

 Chillin on the Balcony at Curiocity Durban


Have you ever walked into a hotel a complete stranger and left feeling like family? 


I'm pretty sure you haven't, because hotels just don't provide those kind of feels.  That's why I opt to stay in Hostels and and Guest Houses.  These type of establishments are built on human relationships. 


One of my favorite hostels in South Africa, actually in the whole wide world...  is Curiocity Hostel.  Now let me tell you why.  I'll set the scene for you...


It's Christmas Day 2018 and I've arrived in South Africa for the first time.  I've been stood up by my lovely travel companion, so I'm solo.  On the one day that you are supposed to be around the people you love... I have no one!  I'm in a strange country surrounded by strangers.  But those lonely feelings lasted for precisely 47 minutes.  That's the length of the car ride from the airport to Curiocity Hostels.



I walked through the front door of the hostel, looking completely lost.  No family, no friends, no one to call my own *cue tiny violin.


"Hi, are you Checking in," someone from behind the desk pipes.

"Yup," I respond.

"Just you darling???" The staff member inquires sympathetically.

"Yup, just me." I shrug towards her general direction.

"Well, that won't do.  Consider yourself one of us.  We are having a braai today and a pool party.  And you WILL be there.   It will be fun.  Don't worry, we've got you." She smiled, checked me in and all was right with the world.



Thirty minutes after I checked in, I was behind the bar in a bikini making cutting watermelon for Vodka Shots. 



The rest of the day was spent drinking, dipping in the pool and eating some of the best BBQ that I've ever tasted.  In just a few short hours, I went from a lonely puppy to being part of a pretty awesome pack!


So if you are going to Johannesburg or Durban South Africa, and you are looking for the coolest place in town, start with Curiocity.  The bar downstairs is the hostel is the hangout spot for all the cool kids.  Play pool, grab a drink and politic like a local.



They are located at the heart of downtown Johannesburg's revitalization in an area called Maboneng.  Maboneng is a place filled with markets, restaurants, galleries and nightlife.  It's a vibe.


If you are traveling on a budget, Curiocity has several dorms to choose from.  They also have private rooms.



Curiocity also provides tours all around Johannesburg.  Take a tour of Soweto, a walking tour or learn to skate through the streets of Maboneng.  You can even book your Safari tour of Kruger or Pilanesberg National Park.  If you stay at their Durban location,  you'll be walking distance from the beach and all of the action downtown.


 Hanging out with Street Performers at Curiocity Johannesburg






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