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The Best Ways to Deal With Travel Anxiety

After 10 years of traveling, you would think that I don't get anxious. But it's quite the opposite. Now that I have all of this experience, I know one hundred zillion new things to be anxious about. They say ignorance is bliss right... when then I guess knowledge equals anxiety.

Although I experience travel anxiety, I don't let it get the best of me. Here are a few resources that I utilize to make my trips worry free.


1. Meditation

It works... I put on some spa music on my spotify and just sit still for 30 minutes. Your mind will wonder a lot when you first start. To keep those thoughts from creeping in, I will chant "ommm" or count my breaths. I literally talk to myself in my head "breath in, breath out", which leaves less mental space for other thoughts. There are also several apps like "Calm" that offer guided meditation.

2. CBD

Most people associate CBD with THC (marijuana). But you can find products on the market that do not have any THC. (This is important if you have a job that drug tests.) . CBD is the chemical in marijuana that relaxes you. If you apply it topically it can relax aches and pains. If take it orally or smoke/vape it, it helps to relax your mind. There are different strains of CBD. There are some types that will put you to sleep and others that will simply ease your racing mind. There are also different strengths of CBD. Start with the lowest dosage and move up. If you are buying CBD products for the first time I would suggest visiting a local CBD distributor so that a sales person can help you select the right product for you.


If your local legislation, job and morals allow it... blow it down! I don't smoke/vape often, but it really does help to relieve stress. There are all different strains and strengths of THC. I would suggest only using natural THC, I'm deathly afraid of synthetics. If marijuana is legal in your state, the easiest way to purchase some is to hit up your local dispensary. If it's not legal, you can look for an online distributor that can ship product to you. There are often small growing collectives that provide safe and high quality marijuana... just ask around (middle age women are the highest demographic of weed smokers, so just ask your friends).

4. Bach Flower Rescue Remedy

This natural remedy is a mixture of flower essences. This stuff is simply magical. It have no clue how a bunch of flower oils can calm you down... but IT WORKS. I don't travel without it. You can find at your local health food store or here.

5. Type it up & Print it out

When I'm preparing for a trip, I write down everything that I need to do/know about a trip in my iphone notes. I write down my flight numbers and times. I write down my hotel address and their contact information. I take a screenshot of the directions from the airport to the hotel. I also have a running packing list of my travel must haves

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